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Bronze Foot Wearing an Elegant Sandal

Artist: unknown
Date: II century B.C.
Dimensions: 10,2 x 26,4 x 7,6 cm
Material: bronze

This elegant bronze foot comes from the city of Otricoli (Otriculum) and was found during the archaeological excavation of this Roman city under the pontificate of Pope Pius VI (1775-1799). During this period, the statue
of Zeus (Zeus di Otricoli) was also found there and is currently on display in the Pius Christian Museum. This piece exhibits an incredible rendering of the smallest details: its dimensions suggest that the statue to which it belonged was nearly a human size sculpture, possibly a deity or a heroic emperor. In fact, this foot wears a Greek sandal
(crepida, cepidula), which is decorated with a small delicate rose in the centre. In Roman sculpture, this kind of sandal is worn by both feminine and masculine deities, poets, orators, or philosophers. Ancient Bronze Pieces
Bronze foot wearing an elegant sandal.

Restoration Project Included:

  • Cleaning and eliminating the corrosive salt by-products
  • Washing
  • Mechanical cleaning
  • Stabilizing the residual products of corrosion
  • Consolidation of the fractures  (they could be perfectly reassembled together)
  • Protective final layer
  • Creation of a support to display the piece
  • Photographic documentation
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