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The San Antonio Museum of Art, “Tour of the Life of Matisse in Color” exhibit.

Mr. Card reported on the San Antonio event held at the San Antonio Museum of Art on July 8, 2014 for a tour of “Matisse’s Life in Color” exhibit and the presentation given by Elizabeth Card. The “Life in Color” exhibit was an over all success. The Texas Patrons enjoyed a tour of sixty years of Matisse’s works, including more than eighty paintings, sculptures, and various works on paper. The Patrons were able to admire Matisse’s unique use of lines, color and spacing, up close and in person. The display of this masterful 20th century artist’s creative style was a great way for members to gather together and share in their passion for art and history.

After the tour, the Patrons had a very unique opportunity which presented itself, thanks to Elizabeth Card. In honor of our current project, “Our Lady of Guadalupe” in the Vatican Gardens, Mrs. Card volunteered to give a presentation of the “Our Lady of Guadalupe” statue in the Latin American wing of the San Antonio Museum of Art. We were so honored  to have Elizabeth Card give the presentation and we thank both Michael and Elizabeth Card for making this wonderful evening possible!


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