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Restoration of a Volume from a “Rare and Antique” Collection

This restoration was generously sponsored by Margaret Louise Nichols.

Date: 1667-1770
Materials: Paper and leather

This rare volume is a monumental work from the XVIII Century which is decorated with beautiful illustrations by Giovanni Passeri (1764-1780). It is the first edition that comprehensively documents Etruscan vase painting. The scholar, donned with the title of antique collector by the grand Duke of Tuscany, was one of the major promoters of antiques, particularly Etruscan pieces.

State of Preservation:

The volume has a damaged spine while the cover is loosing its color. The interior pages have deteriorated and the incisions are damaged by oxidation. The tissue paper which protects between the pages is ripped or contains holes caused by use and the weight of the book.

Restoration Process Included:

  • Repair the spine
  • Fixing of the binding’s color
  • Mechanical cleaning and de-acidification of the paper
  • Removal and substitution of the protective tissue paper
  • Reinforcement of the edges
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