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March 12, 2015 Preserving the Arts – Texas Chapter

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MARCH 12th, 2015 – “Our Lady of Guadalupe” Restoration Project Event

The event was held at the Cuchara Mexico City Bistro, in Houston, Texas on March 12th 2015. It was a wonderful festive and successful event held in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Fr. Mark Haydu, of the Vatican Museums in Rome, gave a very interesting presentation on the monument of “Our Lady of Guadelupe”, which is situated in the Vatican Gardens. Sergio A Castillo, of the Archdiocesan Association of Our Lady of Guadalupe, gave a riveting historical synopsis of the history of this Feast day and the story of Our Lady. Father Nathaniel Haslam gave the exciting details of the Texas Chapter’s upcoming trip to Rome, October 2015. Which we hope you will join!
The evening was a delight. Many Patrons arrived with prospective Patrons, family and friends. The dinner and drinks were authentic El Tepeyac cuisine from the region of St. Juan Diego’s vision during the year 1531. The spices, food types and drinks were recreated and presented as experienced by Pilgrims who visited the Shrine near Mexico City. This was a fantastic treat for us all!
Mr. Mark Hotze, President of the Texas Chapter of Patrons, presented Fr. Mark Haydu with a check for $75,000 to start the renovation process for Our Lady.



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